Used Parts and Accessories For Sale

On these pages we've listed some of the extra parts and accessories for Ford tractors that we've accumulated and have for sale. Most are used originals. If you don't see the used part you're looking for, don't hesitate to ask. We have a lot of parts not listed here. Sorry, we do not sell new replacement parts at this time.
We are located in Peoria, Illinois. Items will be shipped when payment is received. We accept money orders or cashiers checks by mail, or credit/debit card payments online thru PayPal. Sorry, we do not ship parts outside the United States.

Illinois residents add 6.75% sales tax

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Original 8N accessory cyclone air cleaner in excellent condition. Still has the original bail. No rust, no dents. Has been beadblasted and primered, ready for finish paint. Nice one for your restoration.
$120 - plus postage

This is the Sherman Step-Up auxiliary transmission for Ford 9N, 2N, 8N, NAA tractors. The Step-up or overdrive unit gives your tractor twice the forward and reverse speeds it had before and allows you to maintain tractor and pto speed at a much lower engine rpm. Among other advantages, it means you will have no problem keeping up with the traffic on those long tractor rides. This transmission is in great condition with no excessive wear on any of the gears or shafts. It has been disassembled, cleaned and inspected, and reassembled with any new parts needed, new bearings, and new seals and gaskets. Just install in your tractor and add oil. Basic installation instructions, bearing load shims, and new mounting gaskets are included. Will be shipped in a sturdy wood box via FedEx Ground. Guaranteed to be in good working condition.
$395 - plus shipping

Five good cast iron mounting wedges used to mount 3 piece rear wheel weights .
$30 - plus postage

Aftermarket replacement battery box 8N10732 for 8N tractors. Bought new and never used.
$30 - plus postage

Nice straight original underhood tool box for an 8N tractor. No rust holes, no dents. Just needs paint.
$25 - plus postage

Aftermarket replacement hood door / lid for 9N-2N-8N tractors. Bare steel, includes latch and new hinge. Appears to be very good quality. Bought new and never used.
$65 - plus postage

Good original side air inlet funnel NAA9684A for '53-'64 NAA and up tractors.
$15 - plus postage

Original dash panel middle style ('49-'50) for 8N tractors with late steering box and no proofmeter. Couple of extra holes.
$25 - plus shipping

Dash support panel for 8N tractors. Good condition.
$15 - plus shipping

Original air cleaner assembly 8N9600. This is the early style "U" air cleaner (United) with the round bottom cup. Will fit all 8N tractors. Good condition.
$45 - plus shipping

Original air inlet pipe for 9N-2N-8N tractors. Very good condition.
$15 - plus postage

Original air cleaner assembly 311093 for 601 and 2000 tractors. Good condition.
$50 - plus shipping

Original throttle to governor rod NAA99817C for NAA tractors. Includes the NCA99810A end and spring. Good condition.
$20 - plus postage

Original 4 blade fan for 9-2-8N-NAA tractors. 8N8600-A. Very good condition.
$20 - plus postage

Original 6 blade puller fan for 9-2-8N-NAA tractors. Very good condition.
$30 - plus postage

Original transmission filler cap 8N7485 for 8N tractors. Good condition.
$10 - plus postage

Original wiring conduit tube 8N12281 for front distributor 8N tractors. Good condition, both mounting tabs intact.
$30 - plus postage

Good used original 6 volt starter with drive. Fits 9N-2N-8N tractors.
$40 - plus shipping

Original starter button actuator for 9N-2N tractors with safety interlock. 9N11506. Very good condition.
$20 - plus postage

Good generator mounting bracket with block bracket for '50-'52 8N with side distributor.
$30 - plus shipping

Cast iron generator pulley (threaded). 3-3/4" diameter. Fits 9N-2N and early 8N generators.
$20 - plus postage

Straight center hood panel for 601-801-901 tractors. 34-1/2" hinge spacing. No dents.
$65 - plus shipping

Rear wheel center disk for 8N-NAA tractors with 28" rims. Good condition.
$65 - plus shipping cost

Rear wheel center disk for 9N-2N tractors with 28" rims. Good condition.
$40 - plus shipping cost

Pair of rear mounting brackets/fender extensions for a Dearborn pipe style loader.
$35 - plus shipping cost

Original rear running board brackets. 8N16486, 8N16487, and NAA16486A for 8N and NAA tractors. NCA16486A and NCA16487A for 600-800 and 601-801 tractors.
$10 each - plus postage

Original front running board bracket 8N16470. Fits 8N - NAA - hundred series thru '64.
$15 each - plus postage

Original foot peg/radius rod cap 9N3440 for 9N-2N tractors.
$15 - plus postage

Original running boards for 8N or NAA. Good condition. Specify left or right side.
$40 each - plus shipping
Left Side Sold Out

Small, Misc, and Hardware parts section

Parts are "used" unless otherwise noted.

See the bottom of this page for small parts shipping information.

*** Minimum order is $10 ***

Throttle lever arm 8N9807 for 8N tractors.
$5 ***

Throttle linkage engine bracket 9N9824 for 9N-2N tractors.
$8 ***

New (NOS) brake cross shaft bushing 8N7143 for 8N-NAA tractors.
$4 ***

Throttle bellcrank NAA99618C or NCA99618A for '53-'64.
$8 each ***

Special bolts EAF6638A for mounting oil pump on 134-172 engines.
$8 pair ***

Clutch release springs 9N7562 fits '39-'64.
$5 pair ***

Original governor to carburetor rod 9N9818 for 9N-2N-8N tractors. Good condition.
$6 ***

Camshaft lock ring 91A6258 with 4 bolts. Fits 9N-2N-8N.
$6 ***

Retainer ring 7RA7609 for flywheel bolts. Fits 9N-2N-8N.
$8 ***

Front crankshaft oil slinger plate part number 40 6310A2. Fits all 9N-2N-8N tractors.
$2 ***

Draft control spring seat part number 9N525. Fits 9N-2N-8N-NAA and '55-'59 tractors.
$6 ***

Draft control spring part number 9N547B. Fits all 9N-2N-8N-NAA tractors.
$6 ***

Original choke knob for 9N-2N-8N-NAA tractors. 9N9703.
$8 ***

Original transmission and hydraulic drain plug part number 9N7010 for 9-2-8N-NAA-up.
$3 ***

*** Minimum order is $10 ***

All small and misc parts will be shipped in a USPS Priority Mail box. The post office MINIMUM price for any Priority mail box is $5.50, so $5.50 will be the minimum shipping cost. The small flat rate box will hold several small parts, so you might be able to get 10 items and still pay only the $5.50 rate, regardless of weight. It pays to stock up. Items too large for the small box will be priced by weight. The large flat rate box ($11.30) will hold dozens of small items and larger items up to 70 pounds. Small and misc items shipped along with larger items may be included at no extra postage cost, depending on the shipping method of the larger item.

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